My journey to become a landscape & garden designer began in my own back yard.  In spring,summer and fall I would experiment endlessly with plant combinations and unique plants.  In winter I would read and absorb any information on gardening and design I could find.  After several years of self-taught learning and overflowing book shelves, I decided to enroll in horticulture and design courses through Guelph University. With that formal training I now work full-time as a garden and landscape designer in the Ottawa area.


6 Responses to “About”

  1. Bill Prodenchuk Says:

    I look forward to working with you, and wish you the best.
    Bill Prodenchuk

  2. edremsrola Says:

    Hi Candace – Happy New Year!

    I was just browsing through old messages at my blog and I came across our first correspondence. You were developing a new planting area that would feature a Pinus strobus ‘Niagara Falls’.

    I was just curious how that project came together for you. :^)


    • Ottawa Garden Design Says:

      Hi Ed,
      Yes that is right. The plantings are new in that garden but look pretty good. I will post a pic on the blog for you to see. We have lots of conifers in that garden and they seem to be doing very well. Unfortunately I lost an Abies Koreana ‘Silberlocke’ though. Hoping to give it another try this year if I can get a hold of another one. The pinus strobus ‘Niagara Falls’ is looking good….hopefully it will survive the winter okay here. Ottawa can be pretty tough with heavy snow.
      Any thoughts on Picea orientalis ‘Skylands’? Thinking of giving it a try.
      Hope all is well with you. Happy New Year!

  3. Barbara Murphy Says:

    Love the picture of containers with hosta, some type if trailing plant or vine and red flowers. Can you tell me what the trailing plant is? Trying to find it in my area (ohio)

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