The winter battle has begun.

The epic winter battle of rabbits versus Candace have begun.  The little rabbit devils have set up residence under the deck in the backyard.  Normally I don’t have an issue with added wild life in the backyard but that all changes when they start munching on my trees. 

The temperature is cold here in Ottawa and standing outside wrapping trees in burlap during a snow storm is NOT my idea of a good time. I was a little slow on the wrapping and they have already done significant damage to my favourite Japanese maple.  Ugghhh!

Solutions to the destruction?  I have not found any yet.  The best course of action seems to be to wrap everything of value that remains above ground. My mind has started the thought that now might be the time to adopt  a HUNGRY dog. Our current four-legged beast (dog) is very gentle and kind.  In fact I would not be surprised if he did not invite them into the yard for company.

I am now keeping a close eye on the backyard and the rabbit tracks.  We will see in spring what the final score is. 

Our current dog on duty.



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