Tips on creating holiday planters

The right time to create outdoor holiday planters:

The temperature in Ottawa is starting to get cold and as a result the soil in our existing planters is starting to freeze.  In the next week or so we will be removing the fall arrangements from the containers and leaving about 3/4 of the soil in the planters.  The challenge is always to remove the fall arrangements before they are frozen in place but not too soon for winter arranging.  Usually the ideal time is mid to late November here in Ottawa.

Keeping the outdoor holiday planters looking good:

Think of your cut evergreen boughs like a fresh Christmas tree, they needs to have a good supply of water.  One of the tricks we use to achieve this in our outdoor planters is to fill the top quarter of the planter with floral foam.  The foam is soaked and holds the water, providing a good moist supply.   The fresh boughs and branches are poked into the floral foam and they stay good and damp till freeze up.   We also find that the floral foam provides stability for the boughs once the wind and snow starts blowing; it helps to act as an anchor.

By using fresh boughs, colourful berries, unusual branches and magnolia leaves, we are able to create winter planters that look good from November till April.


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