The topic of drying hydrangea’s came up today so I thought I would reshare this post.

Ottawa Garden Design

Drying flowers for dummies is what drying hydrangea’s should be called.  It is so easy that I can even do it…trust me, other than smucking daisies between the pages of heavy phone books, I have no luck in that department.  Hydrangeas are different though…easy peesy.

Cut the flowers when they are slightly dry.  This is when they start to look paper white.  I find September to October is good for this.  After cutting the stems and removing leaves, place the stems in a vase in a few inches of water.  Put the vase of hydrangeas out of direct light and let them be.  The stems will suck up the water or the water will evaporate.  By the time that is finished the hydrangeas should be dry.

Nothing left to do but enjoy them.

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