Japanese beetles

This year seems to be a horrible year for Japanese beetles.  They are munching on everything from hibiscus to Virginia creeper.  There does not seem to be an easy solution to getting them under control.  The problem is they have a hard shell, they fly and birds are not interested in having them for a snack.  What does this mean for Ottawa home owners?  GRUBS!  You can expect lots of them.  Japanese beetles are the adult white grub that is found in our lawns in spring.  The beetle usually comes out of the ground during the last week of June, first week of July. 

How to control them?  This is a bug not native to Canada and they do not have any predators here that help with the control.  They can be picked off and dropped into a container of soapy water.  The problem is that they do fly though and you can expect new ones to continue to come.  Insecticidal soap is only successful if you can get it directly sprayed onto the beetle but because of its hard shell it is fairly resistant. There are other controls available outside of Ontario. 

Traps:  There are beetle traps on the market.  Beware of these because they will actually attract more Japanese beetles to the area. 

My take on the situation is that with all our restrictions on pesticides we will be getting more and more issues with bugs especially ones that are not native to our area.  We  are in for some real destruction.  For those of us that have invested time and money into our landscapes we can expect to be very upset.  I would imagine this will impact farmers and crops as well.  I live in a home where the neighbours have all treated their lawn for grubs but the beetles are still here in full force.  This is a battle we are loosing and it is only going to get worse.



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