What is in my tool collection

Over the years I have collected lot’s of gardening tools.  There are a few of those tools  that I use constantly and some that stay on the shelf unused.

My gardening tool collection includes a very simple tool box from Canadian tire.  I chose a plastic tool box in order to keep it light and easy to carry around.  In that tool box I keep hand pruners, a kneeling pad, garden trowel, weeder, string and gardening gloves, Japanese garden knife and a folding pruning saw.

My favourite weeder and garden trowel come from Lee Valley.  They are part of the “Radius Ergonomic Hand Tool” collection. (Pictured as D-weeder and A-trowel)

I should mention here that I have NO BUSINESS ties with Lee Valley.  I enjoy their tools and have had great experience with their service. I can be very rough on tools so quality is very important to me.  For those reasons I feel confidant recommending their products.

My loose tools include an edger which is a MUST for clean cut edges.  This one is also from the Lee Valley “Radius Ergonomic” collection.

I also use on a regular basis a stainless steel shovel, leaf rake and a thicker firmer rake for spreading soil and mulch.

One of my favourite tools for transplanting is a transplant shovel.  I use this constantly.  It is thinner than a regular shovel so it is easier to get in between plants when you need to transplant.

I do believe it is worth it to spend the extra money and buy quality pieces.  Gardening can be a rough sport and good gear on your side when you are fighting a stubborn root or weed is well worth the extra cash.


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