Peonies not blooming

My favourite time of year in the garden is when my peonies are blooming.  I keep a close eye on my plants waiting for signs that they are creating buds and planning on putting on a show when early summer arrives.  For me it is a sad day if I discover this is not going to happen with one of my plants.  Here are some problems that could be causing that lack of blooms:

  • Roots are too deep.   If this is the case I suggest waiting till late September and lifting the plant and re-planting it at the proper level.
  • Too much shade.  Peonies have a tendency to flower very little in the shade.  They prefer the sun.
  • Not enough moisture.  If it has been a very dry spring, the buds may shrivel up and not bloom.
  • Old age.  Peonies usually last 20 years or more but sometimes the roots can get too crowded.  Lift the plant in fall and divide.
  • Division too small.  Make sure when you do divide your peonies that they have more than one eye.  If they are very small in may take several years for them to bloom.
  • Too much root competition from large trees.

I enjoy peonies so much because when they are planted correctly they give YEARS and years of stunning blooms.  The colours are vibrant and the flowers are large.  The smell is delightful.  There are lot’s of peonies available that don’t require staking so that puts them in the low maintenance category for me.  Win Win!


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