Tips for low maintenance gardening

Let me start by saying GARDENS ARE MAINTENANCE.  That is one of the joys or pains of  home ownership depending on how you look at things.  There is grass to be cut and gardens to mulch.  Even if you decide to eliminate all your grass and cover the area with river stone, you will be picking weeds out of that stone and removing leaves in the fall.  There are ways to make the job easier though.

  • Plan your space.  Either hire a professional to design a plan for you or spend the time and create one yourself. Draw in the plants at their mature sizes.
  • Read plant labels and match the correct plant to the correct conditions.  Pay very close attention to the plant size on the tag and make sure you plan for there to be enough room for growth.
  • If you are planning a garden near your fence remember to leave space between the fence and the garden for weeding or fence repair.
  • Choose dwarf and slow-growing plants.
  • Skip delicate plants that will require extra care and or winter protection.
  • Consider adding evergreens.  They require much less care as compared to deciduous trees.
  • Mulch around your plants.  This will significantly reduce your watering needs plus it will help to keep weeds under control.
  • Make it a habit to do a garden check every second day.  Take five minutes to look for any problems and pull the weeds before they have time to re-seed.
  • Enjoy!

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