#6 for Ottawa gardens

Spirea’Gold mound’ 

I think this little shrub is lovely for a shot of colour.  You can expect your ‘Gold mound’ to get about 80 cm wide and 70cm tall.  It is an excellent shrub for smaller gardens… rarely out growing its space. I have two in my own garden and they never disappoint.  I do recommend thinning out approximately one-third of the old growth from the center of the plant every 2nd year.  This will allow sunlight to get into the center of the plant. It is a winner in Ottawa residential gardens.

Iseli nursery gives this description of ‘Gold Mound’:

When new growth emerges on this small, dainty shrub, it has a red tint, but it changes very quickly to an intense shade of bright golden–yellow.  The small globe shines like a beam of sunlight from May until autumn when the leaves turn orange. From June to September, small clusters of pink-purple flowers add another dimension and color complement. Light shearing reduces bloom time, but increases fullness and encourages additional bright yellow foliage.


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