Top ten shrubs for Ottawa gardens. #10.

When I first got into gardening, I would spend my time going on garden tours in the Ottawa area.  I remember falling in love for the first time with a ruby-coloured shrub that I had never seen before.  It was love at first sight.  I hunted down the home owner and was told that it was a ‘Rose glow’ barberry.  Since that first encounter I have added four to my own garden and numerous barberries to the gardens I have designed.  I have never been disappointed with the results.  The colour is incredible and it continues to show its beauty in the winter as well.  The fruit clings to its branches and adds a touch of colour to the winter landscape.  I love the fine texture of its foliage in summer and  I often pair it with boxwoods, the weeping larch and fine textured evergreens.  ‘Rose glow’ barberry is one of my favourite shrubs for the Ottawa area.

The following picture shows the berries still on barberry in December.

The same ‘Rose glow’ barberry in the garden during summer. (Rose coloured shrub to the left in the picture).


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