Do not do it….do NOT plant in your garden unless you would like to be digging it out of your yard and your neighbour’s yard for the next seven years.  Okay…I know that sounds extreme but trust me that was my reality.  I moved into a home about eight years ago and the previous home owner had planted mint right near the side fence.  That mint spread through the garden and grass including under the fence into the neighbour’s yard.  I started the battle of trying to remove what I could but it continued to come back, sneaking under the fence, back and forth. 

What if you like mint?  Does that mean you can never plant it?  Yes you can.  Just plant in a deep container.  Keep that container above ground or dig it into the earth.  If you choose to dig it into the garden, leave 1 or 2 inches of the pot edge above ground so the mint does not creep over the edge. 

Mint spreads by under ground rhizomes so it is very hard to get rid of.  In my experience, if there is even a very small part of the root left it will come back.  Plant with caution.

On another note:

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!  Celebrate and enjoy. 


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