One of my favourites.

This is a repeat post from April but I thought I would show everyone an updated picture of the weeping larch with its fall foliage.  I did have a few emails from new larch owners afraid that their larch was dying….not to worry the needle colour change and loss is normal.  Spring will bring new green vibrant growth.

Weeping Larch:  Anyone that may follow us on facebook will know that I am crazy about conifers.  One of my absolute favourites is the Larix decidua ‘Pendula’, also known as the weeping larch.  So much so that I have added it to many a garden in the Ottawa area.   What’s not to love?  It works beautifully as a contrasting form in small gardens.  I especially love when it is paired up with fine textured shrubs such as barberry and boxwood.  Spectacular!

Keep in mind that this conifer does turn golden-yellow in the fall before loosing its needles. 


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