Making Babies

I love clematis and I always seem to be able to find room for a new one in my yard.  Of course my craving for more plants does not always work with my gardening budget.  As luck would have it, I have found a way to increase the quantity of some of my favourites vines.  The process is called layering.

In order to layer a clematis,  choose a flexible piece of the vine and pin it into the ground.  I suggest using a landscape staple to do the pinning and bend the vine at the point where it is pinned.  The hole that you put the bent vine into should be about 4 inches deep.  Eventually the bent vine will form roots.  Once this happens it can be separated from the Mother vine.  If you decide to give this a try, make sure that the soil is not too hard, if it loosen it up and add some peat moss.  Also remember to water the pinned area.

Have fun giving this a try.  It is always enjoyable to experiment and if you end up with more of your favourite clematis…even better.

(The process of layering should work for ivy, Virginia creeper and grape vines as well).

It is also possible to multiply some vines by taking a cutting and rooting it into wet sand.  Add a little bit of rooting hormone and keep the sand moist.  It will take approximately six weeks to have a new vine with some good roots.


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