Setting up your outdoor space

Your landscape can be thought of as a series of outdoor rooms or spaces.  These spaces have many uses.  For example:  an outdoor arrival and entry space, entertaining, reading, dining, cooking, storage, gardens, play area….everyone’s ideal landscape rooms will be different.

A great way to set up your landscape is to draw the area out on paper with these outdoor rooms in mind.  Each area with its own space, purpose and needs, much like the interior of your home.  A clear thought out plan will avoid many problems.  For example:  You don’t want to set up a vegetable garden at the far end of your yard where there is no access to water or have your large trampoline shading your full sun garden bed.   A good plan will make your life easier and your yard more enjoyable.

As the cold weather hits, I will cover in more depth tips for your landscape outdoor rooms.  Hopefully by the time spring comes around you will have enough knowledge to put your own plan into place.


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