Learning lessons from the Amur maple

When I moved into my current home, we had an Amur maple in the back corner of the yard.  I grew quickly to dislike the tree because it constantly self seeded.  I spent many hours weeding out the new trees growing from the seeds.  The Amur maple was definitely not a good tree to be situated in a large mulched garden bed.  It did teach me a valuable lesson  though; now whenever I plant a maple tree I research whether it self-seeds, the size, the zone and the location where it is going to be planted. 

The Amur maple is a lovely tree planted in the correct space.  It is very hardy and does great in our cold Ottawa winters.  The growth on the Amur maple is approximately 15-25′ wide and tall.  Usually an Amur maple is a multi-stemmed shrub but it can be pruned into tree form.  The tree has beautiful green leaves and red helicopters (samaras).  The fall foliage is a gorgeous crimson colour.

Picture below is of an unknown maple. (Picture taken by Cliff Wheeler).


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