Bringing plants into the home for the winter

My collection of plants that need to relocate into the home for the winter is growing every year.  I admit I get tempted at the garden center and this year was no exception.  Relocating back into my home this year is a Norfolk pine, two hibiscus, a succulent planter and a mystery pink climber (yes I admit… I do not know the name of EVERY plant).  Added to that list is a hot pepper plant that Darren wants to try inside.  Apparently my hubby is getting interested in plants.  🙂

I have been bringing plants back into the house for years and usually without any problem.  There is the risk though that you may have some insects tag along into the house.  This year I purchased an insecticidal spray and gave them all a good spray.  I will repeat that process in a couple of weeks and hopefully that will help.  I also suggest taking a good look under the leaves and examining the plant carefully.  If you see any signs…take care of it before they come into your home.

I like to bring the plants in and out of the home for a couple of days if the weather is permitting.  That way they get a chance to adjust between both areas.  It is also nice to bring them into the home while it is still warm enough to leave your windows open.  The plants will appreciate the fresh air.

Here is a recipe for a home-made insecticidal soap for anyone that would like to try it.  (Recipe from Laporte Flower and Nursery).

  • combine 1 tbsp of liquid soap and 1 cup of vegetable oil in a jar.  Shake shake shake until they are well combined.  Take 2 tsp on the mixture and mix with 1 cup of water in a spray bottle and spray the infested plants.  Store the soap and oil mixture in the jar and shake before each use.  Remember to ALWAYS test a small area of each plant and wait 24 hours to see if it reacts.  If all is well and no sign of leaf burn, go ahead and spray the entire plant.

I have really enjoyed having my plants back in the home over the winter season.  The hibiscus last year rewarded us with blooms all winter long.  This year I am hoping for a similar result and have reserved spots in the sunny windows for both hibiscus.  Looking forward to the blooms.


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