Rocks in the garden

I apologize for the lack of posts and pics.  I took a little  R & R time in tropical Florida and have not yet returned to my home.  I hope to have some new pictures to share with you in the next week or so.

I did want to share my thoughts with those of you that like to add rocks to your garden beds and landscape. One of my pet peeves is seeing rocks placed on top of soil like they are an after thought or just placed temporarily.

Rocks should look like they are part of the existing landscape. If you choose to add rocks to your garden beds, bury approximately 1/3 of the rock into the ground.  Do NOT place directly on the soil.  This is true also of large boulders.  Boulders usually have considerable size and they must be placed on the land in the same way that they would be found in nature.  They can be placed separately or in small groups of two or three but they should be in the ground at least partially.

I would also suggest using rocks that are from your area.  Do not over use imported rocks.  It does not look natural.

A good rule is to attempt to place a rock as closely to what it would look like in nature.  If you can add  plant material such as ornamental grasses around it, or have ground cover creeping over it, moss…even better. 

Have fun, play with combinations and remember to take some guidance from good old Mother Nature and me…partially bury those rocks.


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