Ginkgo biloba

The first time I saw a ginkgo tree was when I was exploring Artistic Landscape design.  Their ginkgo tree is a mature specimen planted outside the main garden center building.  The tree is approximately 60 or 70 years old.  Stunning!  Just beautiful.

I researched the ginkgo and found out that the ginkgo dates back to prehistoric times and is considered a living fossil.  It is very slow-growing, pollution resistant and adapts very well to all soils.  The leaves are fan like, thick and have a leathery feel.  In the fall it turns a stunning yellow colour. The amazing thing about this tree is it can live as long as 3000 years.  Whenever I plant one of these trees I think of it as a heritage tree for the future.  Of course with that thought in mind, I did add one to my own backyard.

Because it is disease and pest resistant, it is one of the easiest trees to care for.  So all that and low maintenance.  For me that equals the perfect tree.

Close up view of the Ginkgo leaf.


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