Teaching patience

Approximately seven years ago I purchased one of my first weeping conifers. It was the start of my love affair with evergreens.  At the time that I purchased Picea omorika ‘Pendula Bruns’ it was pushing its new growth and I was in awe of the beauty.  Well I tell ya, that beautiful tree has taught me lessons about patience. 

The first winter I wrapped my little tree, giving it time to adjust to its new home and the harsh winter. 

Year one (2006) Picea omorika ‘Pendula Bruns’

The 2nd year I left the cover off so I could enjoy its winter beauty. Here are the results.

Year two (2007) Picea omorika ‘Pendula Bruns’

Well you can imagine my reaction.  Trust me it is better for me NOT to type the words that went through my mind.  Rabbits had a field day devouring my poor little tree.  My first thought was the tree was dead but after contacting a conifer expert, they advised PATIENCE and give it a couple of years.  I am so glad I did.  Last year (2010) it really took off, it has started to add lots of new growth and it looks very close to what it did in 2006 but slightly larger. 

I now wrap it every winter. Even though I miss the winter interest it provided, I have decided not to risk it becoming an entrée again.

My patience is paying off .  I am hoping with time it will become a beautiful specimen like below. (Picture from Iseli nursery). 

Description from Iseli nursery:  This tall, spire-like focal point has the narrowest silhouette of all the large, upright Serbian Spruce cultivars. Its strictly weeping branches boast two-tone needles that are deep, greenish blue on top and silvery beneath. For the most part, though, the silvery sides remain hidden, so ‘Pendula Bruns’ has a darker appearance than Picea omorika ‘Pendula’. A selection from Bruns Nursery in Germany.


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