Focal point

Adding a focal point to your garden can make a big impact.  A focal point is something that will attract the eye and then hold our interest.  I suggest that each garden have at least one focal point.  Small gardens will often have one and larger gardens can have multiple focal points.

A focal point can be anything from a fountain to a plant.

Here are a couple of ideas for hardscape focal points: rocks, fountains, statues, bird baths, arbors.

If you choose to use a plant try to use something different.  A different shape or colour can do it.  Vertical cone-shaped plants are usually good focal points because they will attract the eye.

When you are designing the landscape at the front of the home, think of the front door as a focal point.  It is a great idea to design so that your eye is led to the door.  The door is the spot you usually want to feature and make the most attractive.


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