My Aha moment!

When I started to garden I would plant one of each plant that would catch my eye at the supermarket garden center.  When the end of season garden sale would happen my cart would be loaded.  The result was my garden was a jungle with no visual impact and no flow.  A good friend of mine suggested I plant in groups of 3’s.  That was my Aha moment.  That made complete sense.  As the years have gone by I have built on this.  I now design in groups of 5, 7 or more. 

Why the uneven number?  When two or four of the same plant is planted our eyes automatically break the grouping into 2.  When you plant in uneven numbers, our eyes see it more as a grouping and it appears like a natural drift.

One of the other reasons I choose to plant in groups is because it has a bigger impact.  When you look at the garden from a distance your eye will see the drift of colour.  A single plant will not have the same effect.

Now my trip to the garden center includes a drawn plan and my cart is full of multiple quantities of the same plant.

(I will blog about focal points and single specimen plants soon.  Stay tuned!)


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