Transplanting perennials

Spring is a great time to transplant perennials but be sure to wait until any possibility of frost is gone.  In Ottawa that is usually just after the May long weekend.

Some tips for transplanting:

  • Water the plant on the day before moving and if you are really good at planning ahead, water the plant the week before also.
  • A cool, overcast, cloudy day is the best for dividing or moving perennials.
  • If perennials are taller than 15 cm, cut them back by approximately one-half.
  • When you move the plant, leave as much of the original soil on the root ball as possible.  This will lessen the chance of transplant shock.
  • After you have divided the plant, select the best parts to replant.
  • Create a new planting hole and add a little compost to the bottom.
  • Be careful to replant at the same depth that the plant was originally at. 
  • Mulch around plant at a depth of approx 2.5cm.
  • If you cannot immediately replant than keep the plant in a shady area and keep the roots damp. 

 Have fun getting your hands dirty!


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