Meeting the neighbours

There are a couple of things that always seem to bring the neighbours out for a chat, shovelling snow in winter and gardening in summer.  The snow part I could do without but the social part of gardening I love. 

Lucky for me my house is smack dab in the middle of three houses with wonderful woman who love to garden.  We share plants, ideas, opinions and friendship.  Of course with all that sharing we have also shared garden mistakes as well.  We have learned over the years that if a neighbour is willing to toss a plant over the fence for your garden, there may be a very good reason they want it out of their yard.  Take the time to find out what they have given you and what the needs of the plants are.  Ask questions and find out: Is it high maintenance, is it invasive, do you need to divide every year, is it bothered by bugs, does it spread like wild-fire, does it need winter protection? Knowledge is key. 

I have been able over the years to gather a beautiful collection of some very wonderful plants by sharing with the neighbours.  Many of these plants hold memories for me of the time spent with a friend.  

Keep in mind, with plants you don’t always want to take the good with the bad.  It just might be a better idea to leave the unsuitable ones behind. 

Happy gardening!


4 Responses to “Meeting the neighbours”

  1. Kelly Guillemette Says:

    I so miss living on your street! You have a wealth of knowledge in those ladies, they are so special! Happy Gardening.

  2. Kelly Guillemette Says:

    Yup…zone 6b!!!!!!

  3. Ottawa Garden Design Says:

    I am feeling a little zone envy!

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