Recently I made the move to devote myself full-time to designing landscapes. The reason I took the plunge is because I know it is what I enjoy and what I want to do. I gravitate to a garden in good times and in bad and I love playing with different plant combinations.

A couple of years ago we had a family tragedy where my brother was killed in a motor cycle accident.  I found out the news while I was in North Bay on the last day of a family vacation.  When we returned home I went straight into the garden.  Nature helped give me clarity and peace in a very upsetting time.  A friend arrived shortly after and knew exactly where to find me…in the garden.

My garden has become my oasis.  I enjoy creating similar spaces for clients and working with them to find out what will make them feel most at home. When I meet a client after the job has been completed for a while and they tell me how they feel in their space, if it is similar to the joy my own yard brings…I know I have succeeded.


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