Slugs and hostas

I often get asked the question “What is the best way to prevent slugs from eating hostas?” 

One of the ways to deal with slugs is to make a sharp barrier by encircling hostas with crushed eggshells, pine needles or diatomaceous earth.  Other possible barrier material would be wood ashes, sandpaper, uncoiled metal pot scrubbers, sharp sand or sharp copper strips. 

Personally I feel like that is work that I would rather avoid.  When I design with hostas I choose tough, thick, puckered and/or heavier leaves.  These variety of hostas seem to be fairly slug resistant. 

A couple of my design favourites are:

Hosta ‘Krossa Regal’

Hosta ‘Sum and Substance’

Hosta ‘Frances Williams’

One of the best display gardens in the Ottawa area for hostas is the Rideau Woodland Ramble.  They have an incredible collection of hostas that you can see planted in and around the garden center. Here are a couple pictures from their beautiful gardens.


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