Dogs in the garden

Can you have a beautiful garden and have a dog?  Absolutely.  Here are a couple of tips that have worked in our own garden.

  • Design and set up your yard to be dog friendly.  How do you do that?  One way is  to set up their favourite routes as pathways.  Use nice soft material such as mulch that is comfortable for their paws and allow them the pleasure of continuing to use their favourite trails.
  • If you are planting garden beds along the fence line, leave a gap between your fence and the garden to allow dogs who like to run along side the fence room to do so.  As an added bonus it will give you space to work  if you ever need to do any fence repair.  Trust me you will be glad that you did.
  • Yellow patches on the lawn? Hose the area down to dilute the effect of the urine soon after the dog urinates.  This is especially important for the first trip outdoors for the dog  in the morning.
  • Walk your dog. Dogs that dig very often have excess energy that they need to burn off.  A well exercised pet if more likely to be content to enjoy the yard without destroying it.
  • Remember that dogs are pack animals and they enjoy company. If a dog is left without his/her human companion for long periods of time, they get lonely. A very quick way to get instant attention from a human family member is to dig a nice big hole in the fresh dirt and chew some shrubs. If you cannot be outside with them…bring them in until you can trust their behaviour.
  • These tips  have worked very well for us and our four-legged family members.They are a good starting point for getting your backyard set up so that the whole family, dogs included can enjoy it.


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  1. Ottawa Garden Design Says:

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    Are yard is home to our dog Bear. As with any other family member in our house, he also has friends over that share the yard with him. Setting up our yard to be dog friendly is a must.

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