Designing a garden with the future in mind.

One of the great  joys I have with installing a new garden is watching how the garden evolves as the years go by.  The first year that the garden is planted little changes.  The second year the plants start to creep  along and the third year they grow by leaps and bounds.  As the garden matures it really comes into its full beauty.  At year four, if the garden has been properly planned and maintained it should be superb!

I have the pleasure of visiting the garden my Mother planted when I was a child and the bones of the garden remain the same.  The trees have matured and the peonies still flower beautifully every year.  The lilac tree that was just outside my bedroom window remains and the scent still enters the home on a summer’s day. 

As you design your landscape keep in mind the future.  Consider planting trees and plants that will stand the test of time. It is amazing the memories that will develop with your garden.


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